Why is it good for your health to live near the Mediterranean Sea?

                Science has shown that living near the sea has numerous health benefits. The homes at https://comparepropertiesspain.com/ offer maximum comfort and luxury, and are also just a few meters from the beautiful beaches of the Costa Blanca and the Mediterranean Sea.

These are the reasons why living near the sea will make you happier, and healthier:

  • Relaxes body and mind: The human brain reacts positively to what is called «blue space», which means that we relax when we see sea water. Seeing, hearing or being at sea gives the brain a break and makes it feel more connected to its surroundings. The sound of the waves calms and rejuvenates the mind and body.
  • It will improve your mood: The iodine in the sea breeze balances serotonin levels reducing anxiety and stress. That is why people who live near the sea have higher levels of happiness.
  • You will catch the sleep better: The sea breeze accelerates the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which will help you rest. Water, sunlight, fresh air, and movement; help the body is ready to sleep.
  • Vitamin D will strengthen your body: Vitamin D is vital for humans and spending time under the Mediterranean sun will give you the necessary dose.